full name brian andrew wallach comic verse alias bruce wayne/batman date of birth january 1, 1976 residence boston & brookline other residences new york & hawaii occupation ceo of wallach industries martial status married (12.31.15) cv status veil lifted (3.26.16)

As far as Brian Wallach knows, he was born to a pretty smart family, and a family with incredible wealth. His father, Anthony Wallach, was a graduate from MIT, and his mother, Christina Wallach, was a graduate from Yale. Both were destined to do great things, and his father ended up doing just that, creating his own media empire with the help of ruthlessly undercutting those who got in his way. Wallach Industries was born, and Anthony Wallach wanted to make sure the business was as successful as could be -- determined to have an heir, the Wallachs soon welcomed their first and only son Brian. The boy had an early start on business, and by the time Brian had reached age 10, he was already trying to help out at the company. Proud that his son was taking an interest in such a young age, Anthony did all he could to further along Brian's education by homeschooling him and bringing him up to speed on the changes in the industry of media.

Anthony spent most of Brian's life growing up grooming his son to take the business world by storm, and that proved to be a good plan. As he grew older, Brian very quickly too on interest in computers, technology, and media. The more the father and son worked together, the larger the Massachusetts based company became. Wallach Industries was the leading company in media - in news, print, radio, however people got the news in town, it was coming from Wallach Industries. Eventually, the company grew so large that Wallach Industries put themselves in as many different businesses as they possibly could, and ended up taking ownership of Boston, MA's radio station and the local newspaper.

Though, the happy father-and-son collaboration quickly started to deteriorate. Anthony and Brian started arguing more, where Anthony was stuck in his old ways, Brian saw all the new potential of following the newest industry trends. They couldn't stay on top if they were unable to move forward, and even though Brian kept telling his father this, it was to no avail. Anthony Wallach was too stuck in his ways, and the connection between father and son disappeared professionally as quickly as it had personally. By the time Brian was 21, he was no longer speaking to his father, and had been stuck doing miniscule work for the company, while he watched his father lose contract after contract. Frustrated, Brian started to busy himself with things that he knew would piss off his father - womanizing, not caring about what those higher than him said, spending far too much of the company money on things that just didn't matter.

It was on one particularly stormy night that Anthony, Christina, and Brian were in the Wallach Industries building having yet another argument. Brian started screaming about how Anthony was single-handedly running the company into the ground, and Anthony was screaming back saying that Brian had no respect for the family or the company. Christina stood by as she watched her husband and son argue, and eventually suggested that they go their separate ways for the night. Brian, furious, resigned from the company on the spot, saying he would never work with his father again, and Anthony immediately accepted, saying that Brian was never worth the company or the effort. Furious, Anthony stormed out, pulling Christina with him, while Brian stayed back to clean out his desk.

Two hours later, his phone started ringing with an unknown number. Answering it, Brian soon learned that the person calling him was a doctor from Massachusetts General Hospital. There had been a car accident involving his parents. They had arrived to the hospital too late - they had died due to the trauma of the accident. What happened next was a blur. Brian claims he remembers a funeral and a wake, but truth be told, he doesn't remember it at all. With his resignation from Wallach Industries never going through, the company defaulted to Brian, and by the time he turned 22, he was the CEO of Wallach Industries and the de-facto owner of the two biggest media elements in town.

Brian was never able to forgive himself for his last words to his parents, and instead of trying to make amends with himself and try to ease his own guilt, he threw himself completely into work. He assigned other people to control the main aspects of the company, while he retained ownership of the radio station and the newspaper. He became ruthless in his control of the companies and his desire to keep them running, that he started to make shady business dealings on the side to make sure he could contain power. Nothing became more important to him than work.

Except, when it occurred to him that if he were to ever perish, he'd need an heir, he started to reluctantly date around. He met a woman who he later married, and while they got along well enough, every attempt to have children was met with arguments and eventually the realization that she could not have children. It took four years of working through marital issues, trying their best to stay together as much as they could despite his workaholic tendencies, but it ended up not working. Deciding that he had wanted a child -- but over time he had fallen out of love with his wife, he filed for divorce, and it was finalized in 2005. Deciding that he had wasted too much time on an attempt of romance, Brian decided he would own the company until he died -- he would name a successor in his own time, but for now he had to focus on the only thing that made his life worth it: work.

Now at age 38, Brian has tried to ignore the fact that he wants more fulfillment than just his work life, but his own ruthlessness has gotten in his own way. His determination to make sure he was better than his father and didn't end up carelessly throwing everything (including his life, no matter if it was an accident or not) away ended up driving him away from personal connections.

Now, the only concern Brian has is keeping the company afloat - nothing else matters. So the fact that he goes home alone to a large house isn't really an issue. At least, not an issue that he admits to.
• Brian grew up wanting for nothing, and became selfish because of that. The world owed him, and not the other way around. Because of this, Brian's first priority was and always has been until recently, himself.

• It's the strangest thing, and he can't really explain it, but Brian has a weird irrational fear of bats. He has too many horrible dreams where the bat symbolizes something he's not willing to face, and thus seeing them in real life makes him panic slightly. He fully acknowledges that this is a really stupid fear, but he still has it all the same.

• Thanks to Wallach Industries being the top of media within Boston, Brian has become quite the media mogul. He's considered to be one of the most powerful men in Boston.

• Because of his desire to stay in power and on top of the industry, he has worked out some shady business dealings with the other higher members of the town. He feels no guilt about this, because at the end of the day, business is what matters.

• Was married once between 2000 and 2005 to Veronica Vaughn. But when they couldn't have children, he left. It's not his proudest moment.

• His friendship with Elena Benedetti is that of a professional one but a sibling-like one as well; with neither one of them having any remaining family members, they seemed to turn into each other's defacto family.

• The fact that Brian excelled at such a young age ended up being a bit of an ego boost for him, and started to give him a bit of a superiority complex. While he was a smart man, he didn't always make the smartest personal decisions, and that much was obvious as he soon became a staple in the tabloid magazines, partying with celebrities and socialites, all while remaining to be a force to be reckoned with.

• His playboy mentality told the press that he just didn't care about the state of his father's growing company, despite the fact that he was due to inherit it once his father passed away. He just didn't expect to have it so early in his life.

• Anthony and Christina Wallach passed away in 1997, and Brian, 21 at the time, took on the reigns of the company, despite his age and that many felt he wasn't ready for such responsibility. Brian proved everyone wrong though, and his fresh new take on the company made Wallach Industries into the powerhouse that it is today.

• Just because Brian is the CEO of Wallach Industries now, does not mean he has stopped his womanizing ways. In some ways, it made it slightly worse. Not that he actually has any game, or even dates anyone now. Work is too important to him. In recent days, he's become more reclusive.

• Tattoos: Brian has three tattoos; bats over his right shoulder and arrow and feather on his forearms.

comic tie-ins
• Both Bruce and Brian have the same initials.

• Both have been considered womanizers in one way or another.

• Parents died fairly early in their lives, though Bruce's parents died when he was young, and Brian's died when he was

• Both owners of large companies that are considered to be multimedia conglomerates.

• Fascinated with the latest technology.

• Irrational fear of bats.

• Has a collection of cars, motorcycles, etc. All black.

• Trained in martial arts.

• Tries his best to be morally good, but ends up in a gray area now and then.
INDOMITABLE WILL: The one thing that has always lead him through life is his determination and stubbornness. He thrives to get the job done and get it done right, and this makes him very dangerous and a formidable opponent.

INTIMIDATION: As a business man, the one thing that keeps people under his control is his ability to intimidate and manipulate people to bend to his will. (As Batman, this is used more to fight crime than to be ruthless).

TOP PHYSICAL CONTIDITION: The main thing he really takes pride in, is his own body. He spends hours at the gym training, and makes sure to take care of himself both mentally and physically, as he never wants to be seen as weak.

comic week items & powers unlocked
• Batcave
• Batcave: Crime Lab
• Batcave: computer network
• Batcave: Mechanized Workshop
• Batcave: Personal Gym/Training Room
• Batcave: Private Medical Facility
• Costume and utility belt
• Skilled Acrobat
• Genius Level Intellect
• Master of Melee Weapons
• Skilled Martial Artist
• Man-Made Lazarus Pits
• Master of Stealth
• Expert Marksmanship.
Veil Lifted on March 26, 2016
au items & powers unlocked
• Batcave
• Batcave: Crime Lab
• Batcave: computer network
• Batcave: Mechanized Workshop
• Batcave: Personal Gym/Training Room
• Batcave: Private Medical Facility
• Costume and utility belt
Veil Lifted on March 26, 2016
place of employment Wallach Industries
Corporate Headquarters: 200 Clarendon Street, Boston, Massachusetts

Located in the iconic John Hancock Tower for twenty years now, Wallach Industries is the leading multimedia company in the country, and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Passed down through the generations, Wallach Industries is now controlled by CEO Brian Wallach, who has helped keep the company at the top of the industry for years.

Wallach Industries has branches that operate under the main branches like: Wallach Pharmaceutical, Wallach Mining, Wallach Weapons, Wallach Aviation, Wallach Airlines, Wallach Oil, Wallach Energy, Wallach Manufacturing, Wallach Botanical, Wallach Studios, Wallach Records, Wallach Stage, Wallach Television, Wallach Automotive, Wallach Electric & Wallach Retail. Wallach Industries also owns the Boston Gazette, the third largest local newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts (behind Boston Globe and Boston Herald).

Wallach Industries also has locations in: Honoulu, Hawaii; Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Hong Kong, China; Barcelona, Spain; Versailles, France; and Venice, Italy. A directory of employees is accessable to the public by accessing this link.

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