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alma mater mass. institute of technology study comp. science & engineering degree doctorate (ph.d) in play since september 29, 2014 number of relationships five (5) number of children one (1); unknown to brian associations justice league, batman family played by ben affleck

full name brian andrew wallach comic verse alias bruce wayne/batman date of birth january 1, 1976 residence boston & brookline other residences new york & hawaii occupation ceo of wallach industries martial status married (12.31.15) cv status veil lifted (3.26.16)

comic reading suggestions • Both Bruce and Brian have the same initials.

comic panels
narratives: 2014
September 30, 2014: "You just need to trust me."
October 3, 2014: Private Notes
November 7, 2014: Work Emails
November 13, 2014: NEW YEAR'S EVE, BOSTON 2007
December 1, 2014: "Same shit, different city."
December 7, 2014: The Batcave
narratives: 2015
January 5, 2015: "Maybe everyone has a tell."
January 9, 2015: Text Conversations
January 23, 2015: Text Coversations
February 2, 2015: Wallach Promotions
February 12, 2015: Honoring Chosen Family
February 22, 2015: "But maybe distraction isn't what he needs."
March 4, 2015: Unsent/Unedited Letter
March 29, 2015: A long week (part one)
March 30, 2015: A long week (part two)
April 14, 2015: Reflection in Four Parts
May 4, 2015: Memories lost, wounds remain
June 7, 2015: Transported to the past
July 13, 2015: Personal Emails
August 5, 2015: Look into Relationships
August 18, 2015: Text Conversations
October 16, 2015: Text Conversations
November 3, 2015: A Man Obsessed with War
December 2, 2015: War Aftermath: Knocked Sideways
narratives: 2016
January 1, 2016: The wedding of Brian Wallach and Veronica Vaughn
February 3, 2016: Unsent letters from 2005
March 9, 2016: Brian Wallach: A Timeline
March 26, 2016: Wallach vs. Wayne (Part One)
March 26, 2016: Wallach vs. Wayne (Part Two)
March 26, 2016: Wallach vs. Wayne (Part Three)
April 1, 2016: Look inside Brian's Pockets
June 1, 2016: Second Chances
July 12, 2016: Wallach Industries Job Postings
July 18, 2016: Waking Up In Gotham
July 24, 2016: None of it was real
August 23, 2016: FAQ for First Timers Experiencing 'the shift'
September 20, 2016: Return to Blackgate
September 25, 2016: Community Spotlight
comic tie-ins
• Both Bruce and Brian have the same initials.

• Both have been considered womanizers in one way or another.

• Parents died fairly early in their lives, though Bruce's parents died when he was young, and Brian's died when he was

• Both owners of large companies that are considered to be multimedia conglomerates.

• Fascinated with the latest technology.

• Irrational fear of bats.

• Has a collection of cars, motorcycles, etc. All black.

• Trained in martial arts.

• Tries his best to be morally good, but ends up in a gray area now and then.
INDOMITABLE WILL: The one thing that has always lead him through life is his determination and stubbornness. He thrives to get the job done and get it done right, and this makes him very dangerous and a formidable opponent.

INTIMIDATION: As a business man, the one thing that keeps people under his control is his ability to intimidate and manipulate people to bend to his will. (As Batman, this is used more to fight crime than to be ruthless).

TOP PHYSICAL CONTIDITION: The main thing he really takes pride in, is his own body. He spends hours at the gym training, and makes sure to take care of himself both mentally and physically, as he never wants to be seen as weak.

comic week items & powers unlocked
• Batcave
• Batcave: Crime Lab
• Batcave: computer network
• Batcave: Mechanized Workshop
• Batcave: Personal Gym/Training Room
• Batcave: Private Medical Facility
• Costume and utility belt
• Skilled Acrobat
• Genius Level Intellect
• Master of Melee Weapons
• Skilled Martial Artist
• Man-Made Lazarus Pits
• Master of Stealth
• Expert Marksmanship.
Veil Lifted on March 26, 2016
au items & powers unlocked
• Batcave
• Batcave: Crime Lab
• Batcave: computer network
• Batcave: Mechanized Workshop
• Batcave: Personal Gym/Training Room
• Batcave: Private Medical Facility
• Costume and utility belt
Veil Lifted on March 26, 2016
place of employment Wallach Industries
Corporate Headquarters: 200 Clarendon Street, Boston, Massachusetts

Located in the iconic John Hancock Tower for twenty years now, Wallach Industries is the leading multimedia company in the country, and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Passed down through the generations, Wallach Industries is now controlled by CEO Brian Wallach, who has helped keep the company at the top of the industry for years.

Wallach Industries has branches that operate under the main branches like: Wallach Pharmaceutical, Wallach Mining, Wallach Weapons, Wallach Aviation, Wallach Airlines, Wallach Oil, Wallach Energy, Wallach Manufacturing, Wallach Botanical, Wallach Studios, Wallach Records, Wallach Stage, Wallach Television, Wallach Automotive, Wallach Electric & Wallach Retail. Wallach Industries also owns the Boston Gazette, the third largest local newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts (behind Boston Globe and Boston Herald).

Wallach Industries also has locations in: Honoulu, Hawaii; Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Hong Kong, China; Barcelona, Spain; Versailles, France; and Venice, Italy. A directory of employees is accessable to the public by accessing this link.


boston residence

brookline residence (wayne manor; unlocked au & cv)

new york residence

hawaii residence