Located in the iconic John Hancock Tower for twenty years now, Wallach Industries is the leading multimedia company in the country, and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Passed down through the generations, Wallach Industries is now controlled by CEO Brian Wallach, who has helped keep the company at the top of the industry for years.

Wallach Industries has branches that operate under the main branches like: Wallach Pharmaceutical, Wallach Mining, Wallach Weapons, Wallach Aviation, Wallach Airlines, Wallach Oil, Wallach Energy, Wallach Manufacturing, Wallach Botanical, Wallach Studios, Wallach Records, Wallach Stage, Wallach Television, Wallach Automotive, Wallach Electric & Wallach Retail. Wallach Industries also owns the Boston Gazette, the third largest local newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts (behind Boston Globe and Boston Herald).

Wallach Industries also has locations in: Honoulu, Hawaii; Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Hong Kong, China; Barcelona, Spain; Versailles, France; and Venice, Italy.
brian wallach president and chief executive officer
Veronica Wallach Chief Communications Officer
Riva Wallach-Cain Director of Media Relations
Leonore Vidal Social Media Specialist
elena benedetti vice president and chief security officer
Liam Breckenridge director of private security
Brenda Gilmour Senior Software Developer
Samantha Barnes In-House Private Investigator